Packaging machines - Speciality packaging


Basic description 

HPM-01 is a packaging machine designed for filling and sealing of hummus salad or similar products  into polypropylene bowls. It is equipped with three separate dosing devices (for each of the ingredients), with adjustable amount of product. After dosing machine seals the bowls with polyethylene film and places the plastic caps.

Two packs are produced withing on each machine cycle.

Different pack weights can be produced  as long as all bowls and caps have the same diameter and the variable is the height of the bowls.

All models are fully manufactured from AISI and aluminum alloys
The principle of operation includes the following steps:

- charging of 2 bowls from the magazine

- filling of the hummus
- filling of the nuts
- filling of the spices
- sealing of the bowls with PE film
- putting of plastic caps


 Additional equipment
1. Programmable ink-jet printer for marking product information (expiration date, LOT) on the pack

 Technical specifications  
 Filling range:
up to 1 Kg of product
 Bowls diameter: on given parameters
 Caps diameter: on given parameters
 Compressed air consumption:  0,6-0,8 MPa 500 L/min
 Dimensions (LxWxH):
 2100x1500x1900 mm
 Power supply:  3N 380V; 50/60Hz
 Connected power:  2.5 kVA
 Relative weight:
 ~270 Kg
 Consumables and capacity
Plastic bowls, roll of polyethylene film, plastic caps.
 Capacity:  up to 2000 packs/hour*
* The capacity of the machine may vary depending on dose volume and characteristics of the particular product.

 Video material is not available at the moment.