MBC-01 - Monoblock machine for filling semi-viscous products in plastic containers

 Basic description 
MBC series are fully automatic linear monoblock machines for filling and sealing of liquid, semi-viscous or creamy products in plastic containers with different shapes and volumes. The filling of the product into the plastic containers  is  carried out by high accuracy volumetric piston fillers or peristaltic pump.
After dosing the product the container is sealed with air tight plastic lid. The conveyance of the containers is done by linear system with plastic or stainless steel chain.
The machine can be adapted for working with containers of various sizes (volumes) by using replaceable lid holders and fitments on the rotary ring.
     Conveying chain
 Rotary ring
The overall construction of the machines is made of  stainless steel and materials approved for use in food and chemical industries.

 Technical specifications
(PP/PS/PVC) containers, plastic (PVC/PS) lids
 Filling range:  500 - 1000 ml.
 Filling heads:   
 Power supply:
 1N 220-240 V; 50-60 Hz
 Connected power: 1 kW 
 Compressed air:  0,6 MPa;250 L/min. 
 Machine dimensions (LxWxH): ~3200x1000x2000 mm 
 Weight: ~350 kg.
 Additional equipment 
* Options to MBC-01

1. Additional set for different container size: lids holder + fitment
2. Marking device 
3. Module for sealing the container with aluminum foil 

 Products and output  

Liquid and semi-viscous food or chemical products,  appropriate for volumetric piston pump filling

: up to 1000 containers/hour