DVP - Piston fillers for liquid and creamy products
Dosage devices - Liquids and creams

 Basic description
  DVP Series 
Volumetric systems from DVP series are used for filling of liquid and creamy products with different viscosity and  flowability. They work with rotary and monoblock filling machines as well as with vertical packaging machines. 
Modification of the filling system and the machine type are determined according to  product characteristics and packaging appliancation.

Dose volume is adjusted by changing the position of the pneumatic  piston and can be set from 10 to 1500 ml ,  depending on the type and the size of the volumetric filling system used. 

Example products, suitable for filling from this type of systems
 Choco cream
 Honey  Ketchup
 Mayonnaise  Mustard
roe_copy.jpg yogurt_copy.jpg
pudding_copy.jpg jam_copy.jpg icecream_copy.jpg
 Roe  Yogurt
 Pudding  Jam  Ice-cream

The volumetric piston fillers from DVP series are also suitable for filling of various liquid chemical products.