DVA - Auger fillers for powders and granular products
Dosage devices - Powders and granules

 Basic description
  DVA Series 
This type of device is used in the packaging of finely ground, powdered products such as coffee, cocoa, starch and others who require mechanical force to be applied for their movement inside the filling system.
The step of the auger and its angle are determined to correspond to the "flowability" of the product.
To obtain maximum filling a frequency converter is used to control the speed of the auger.  Its step and diameter are determined according to dose volume as filling within range from 1,5 gr. to 1 kg. is possible to be done.

Example products, suitable for filling from this type of systems

red_pepper_copy.jpg flour_copy.jpg ground_coffee.jpg
 Cocoa  Red pepper
 Flour  Ground coffee
cinnamon_copy.jpg bread_crumbs_copy.jpg savory_copy.jpg black_pepper_copy.jpg curry_copy.jpg
 Cinnamon  Bread-crumbs
 Savory  Black pepper

The auger fillers from DVA series are also suitable for filling powdered chemical products.