AR Special - Rotary sealing machines
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 Sealing machines from AR Series

Sealing machine - AR-61R

Rotary machine for sealing of  plastic trays, pre-filled with product.

Can be ordered separately or together with  thermoforming machine for plastic trays  ATF-10BX

Placing the product is done manually.

AR-61R - Локум ar-61r-big.jpg
Tray with Turkish delight

Sealing machine - AR-4

Rotary machine for sealing of  plastic bowls, pre-filled with product.

Like AR-61R this machine is suitable for sealing products in solid state, which require special layout or it is impossible to be filled automatically.

spageti-thumb_copy.jpg ar-4-big.jpg
Bowl with spaghetti
* Models can be manufactured for different shapes and volumes