AR-62/81 - Rotary machines for filling liquid, semi-viscous and creamy goods
Packaging machines - Rotary filling machines
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thumb-ar81-chocolate-pudding.jpg AR-62/81 - Кисело мляко AR-62/81 - Yogurt AR-62/81 - Roe AR-62/81 - Hummus
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Basic description 

AR series consist of several base and commonly used models of rotary machines, suitable for filling and sealing of wide range of liquid, semi-viscous and creamy products in plastic cups or containers.
Depending on product viscosity each machine is modified and equipped with appropriate for the application filling device, with capability of setting the dose volume.

Different volumes can be produced on the same machine as long as the cups and lids diameter remains the unchanged and the variable is the cups height.

All models are fully manufactured from AISI and aluminum alloys.
Principle of operation of these machines include a few basic steps:

- picking the plastic cup/container from
  holder and loading it on the ring
- filling the product
- placing the lid
- sealing the cup

Air tight plastic lid - AR-81S
 Aluminum lid
 Plastic lid

 Additional equipment
1. Ink-jet printer for marking expiry date and lot number

2. Buffer tank with volume of 40 L and capability to connect with homogenizer
3. Additional output conveyor


 Technical specifications  
 AR Series
 AR-81  AR-81S  AR-62T AR-62R
 Filling range:
 100 - 500 ml.
 100 - 500 ml. 100 - 500 ml. 100-330 ml.
 Cup Ø  Ф=90,70,62 mm
 Ф=90,70,62 mm Ф=90 mm
Ф=70,62 mm 
 Lid Ø  Ф=95,75,68 mm
 Ф=95,75,68 mm
Ф=95 mm
Ф=75,68 mm
 Compressed:  0,6 MPa 250 L/min.
 0,6 MPa 270 L/min.
 Dimensions (LxWxH):
 1100x1100x1400 mm 1300x1300x1500 mm
 Power supply:  1N 220-240V; 50-60 Hz
 1N 220-240V; 50-60 Hz
 Connected power:  1 kVA
 1 kVA
 Relative weight:
 ~230 Kg.
  ~250 Kg.
Plastic cups and aluminum lids, covered with appropriate for plastic up material thermoplastic varnish.
Plastic lids - AR-81S only
 Dosing systems and products
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 Type  DVP 
 liquid, semi-viscous and creamy products: yogurt, sauces, mayonnaise, processed cheese,
 cream, кремове, ice-cream, hummus, margarine, jams and marmalades, chocolate hazelnut and
 other spread
s, mousses, mash and puree, salads etc..
up to 2000 cups/hour
up to 2000 cups/hour
up to 1200 cups/hour
 AR-81S up to 1200 cups/hour
Machines output may vary depending on the type and characteristics of the different products

  AR-81 - Filling and sealing of yogurt cups