ATF-23 - Thermoforming machine for coffee capsules
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Basic descripton 
ATF-23CC is a single-purpose pneumatic driven thermoforming machine for producing coffee capsules, which are then used in compatible espresso machines.
The coffeemakers must be designed specifically for the use of such capsules with the same diameter, shape and mechanical properties. If the model is designed to work with a certain type of capsules ,using different capsules is still possible, but only if the differences in shape do not exceed the mechanical tolerances specified by coffeemaker design.

 Operation principle

Principle of operation of this machine includes the following elements and actions.  Movement of the film through different stages is carried out by pneumatic jaws.

1. Roll of polypropylene film with a thickness of approximately 700 microns

2. Heating module 1 - heating the film to 120 С°

3. Heating module 2 - heating the film to 240 С°
4. Extrusion mould - 6 capsules are made by vacuum forming
The process variables are  accessible and can be controlled by "touch screen" interface

5. Filling the product - the product is filled in  by 3 channel auger filler  working with programmable step motor. Dose volume can be set from the control panel.
  6. Roll of double or triple film with aluminium layer

Sealing module - performs thermal and pressure sealing of the barrier layer

8. Punching die - pneumo-mechanical press for cutting the capsules

9. Reel - Module for winding the waste material

 Composition of capsule
The capsule consists of three main components.
The first is the polypropylene body. It determines how much coffee is possible to fill inside. The standard  ATF-23CC machine can produce capsules that contain from 3 to 10 grams of ground espresso. On request is possible capsule to be designed for larger volumes.

The second component is the product that can be coffee, tea or  various instant drinks. The maximum volume is determined by the chosen capsule shape.

The third component is the top sealing layer. To preserve the coffee aroma is recommended to use a double or triple-layered film with barrier aluminium layer in it.

Shape of capsule
The design of the capsules depends on customers specific preferences. You can choose between different shapes, colors and volumes.
The standard ATF-23CC machines produce capsules with maximum outer diameter (cutting diameter) of 48 mm and inner diameter of  40 mm. 
atf_2x3_cc_datasheet_1-4-2.jpg   Everything within these values can be "adapted" on standard machine.

Anything exceeding those diameters is considered "tailor made" on special request and requires additional time for reconstruction of the machine.
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The color of the capsule body depends on that of the polypropylene material used. The same applies for the sealing layer, which is a matter of graphic design and printing.
1. Sealing layer
2. Body

 Technical specifications 
 Filling range:  3 - 10 gr.
 Filling accuracy:
+/- 0,4 gr./capsule
 Thermoforming material: PP  ~700 µ
 Sealing layer: Double or triple-layered, containing aluminium barrier
 Power supply: 3N 400 V; 50 Hz
 Connected power: 3 kVA
 Compressed air: 0,7 MPa; 700 l/min
 Machine dimensions (LxWxH): ~3550x1100x2220 mm
 Realtive weight: ~400 kg. 
All parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel and approved plastics.

  Output   kiko-coffee-capsule.jpg
 40 - 60 capsules/minute*
* Machine output may vary depending on the quality of the polypropylene film

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