APC-35 - Horizontal packaging machine for microwave popcorn
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Microwave popcorn packaging line APC-35 

 Basic description

APC-35 is a horizontal, pneumatic, step packaging machine  designed solely for packaging  microwave popcorn. The machine performs filling of salt, corn kernels, butter and seasonings into pre-made popcorn packages with sealed bottom side. After dosing all the ingredients, it seals the upper side of the bag and folds it inwards in a way, that makes it suitable for use in a microwave oven. The ready bag is then transported with conveyor to synchronized  wrapping machine type AG-1000, which finishes the pack by adding the outer PP wrap. 

The dosing devices are independent (one for each product), with capability to adjust the proportion of the products in certain limits.

The machine is designed and manufactured according to the size of the popcorn bags to be used. Using consumables with different than the preset size is not possible.

 Technical specifications    APC-35 | AG-1000


1. Popcorn bags with sealed bottom side, suitable for use in microwave oven

2. Double layered polypropylene film PP+PP 

 Popcorn bags size (LxW):  287 х 140 mm
 Finished pack size (LxW):  140 x 100 mm
   APC-35 AG-1000
 Power supply:  3N 400V; 50 Hz  3N 400V; 50 Hz
 Connected power:
 1,6 kVA  1,7 kVA
 Compressed air:
 0,5-0,7 MPa; 600 L/min.   0,5-0,7 MPa MPa; 240 L/min.
 Machine dimensions (LxWxH):
 3400x800x1700 mm  2500x800x1600 mm
 Weight:  ~550 kg.  ~350 kg.
 Output:   25 packs/min.

 Additional equipment
apc-35-printer.jpg apc-35-hopper.jpg apc-35-tank-new-model.jpg
1. Ink-jet printer for marking the pack - Linx 4900  2. Feeding hopper with screw elevator - 120 L   3. Oil melting/supplying tanks with water jacket volume of - 80L each