APP-20 - Monoblock machine for filling and sealing liquid and creamy products
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 Basic description
APP-20 is a linear machine with discreet leading designed for filling of pre-chilled, pasteurized fresh milk in PE coated gable top cartons. The automated cycle includes folding of carton blanks , sealing the bottom, filling the product volume, sealing the top side.   The machine is equipped with an applicator for plastic screw caps, which can be turned on or off depending on the type of boxes used for current production.
  app-20-cartoon-cap.jpg app-20-cartoon-without-cap.jpg
Can fill 500 or 1000 ml. as volume change requires a minimum readjustment of the machine.
   1. Carton with closure applied
 2. Carton with sealing only
The main components and characteristics of the machine are:

- stainless steel construction

- Siemens control panel
- carton blanks holder
- UV sterilization tunnel
- adjustable dual-channel filling unit with buffer tank and level gauge
- central washing system controlled by machines PLC
   3. Closures
   Option: Ink-Jet printer
Linx 4900

IP 55 rating (withstands washdowns)
- stainless steel casing
1 or 2 lines alphanumeric characters
- automated date and traceability coding
WYSIWYG display and full size keypad
menu-driven message creation and editing
 Technical specifications                                                                                                                  APP-20
 Filling:   Volumetric, 500-1000 ml. types_of_bags9.jpg
1. Pure Pak   carton blanks " style, 70x70 mm  -  PE coated
2. Pure Cap
closures (optional)
 Power supply:
 EN60204.1 – 3N 400VAL +/-10%
 9 kVA
 0,6-0,8 MPa; 300 L/min.
 Dimensions(LxWxH): 3000x1200x1600 mm  
850 kg.
 Pure Pak and Pure Cap  are registered trade marks of Elopak Inc.
 ! The packaging process is NOT aseptic
 Working conditions
 Humidity:  90% max. at 20 C°
 Temperature:  10 - 40 C°
Strict observation of the storage conditions and heating of the blanks provided by the manufacturer or supplier.
Model  Output thumb-apur-1000-monoblock-form-fill-cap.jpg  thumb-apur-1000-monoblock-filling.jpg


  with cap - ~800 cartons/hour
without cap - ~1000 cartons/hour