A-250 - A high-speed "Flow Pack" wrapping machine for packaging individual products
Packaging machines - Flowpack machines
А-250 is a "flow pack" machine with continuous motion intended for wrapping a regularly shaped individual products. It is equipped with all-purpose pack-shaping device and is designed for high-speed packaging of confectionery, bakery, cosmetics and other products. The speed of work and the linear length of the packs can be set via control panel, which provides easy readjustment when changing the products. Can work with different packaging materials, yet for production speeds higher than 150 packs per minute using of cold sealing is recommended.
All the elements, which make contact with the product are made from stainless steel and other approved for use in food industry materials.

 Technical specifications                                                                                                 A-250
 Product dimensions
 a-250-size.jpg    (А)  (B)*  (C)
 20 mm  70 mm
 5 mm
 170 mm 400 mm
75 mm
 Film width:
500 mm
 Reel outer diameter:
350 mm
 Reel core diameter:
 70 mm
 Packaging material: Reel of heat or cold sealable packaging film
 Power supply:
 3N 400 V; 50-60 Hz
 Connected power:
 3 kVA
 Dimensions (LxWxH):
 1500-4000x800x1500 mm
 Weight:  400 kg.
 * Linear length of the pack can be changed easily via machine CPanel

 Additional equipment
Coding device
a250-kortho.jpg Automatic feeding conveyor

  Replaceable pack-shapers for different products


 Packs and output


  (depending on product)
A-250 - вафли
A-250 - пасти
  up to 15 000 packs/hour
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