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Basic descripton 
Nesprestle capsule
Injection molded Nespresso* compatible capsules.
 * “Nespresso” is a registered trademark of “NESTLE NESPRESSO” SA – Switzerland
The capsule format shown on this page does NOT replicate the original capsule is any way, but only present a compatible alternative.

 1. Capsules
 2. Sealing Film
 3. Bag material
capsules-2.jpg pp-film-2.jpg
Injection molded capsule blanks with click bottoms
Options for sealing material:
- Perforated PP film with adhesive lacquers
- Aluminum film with layer of adhesive lacquers
Options for packaging material:


 Product  Coffee capsules
 Filling range
 5,5 grams
 Tolerance  ± 0.1g
 Filling device
 Auger filler - type DVA
 Special devices
 Packaging in modified atmosphere (Nitrogen flush)
 Capacities With PP seal –  20 capsules/min
With AL seal –  15 capsules/min

   Module1 - NECAFILL-01
Module2 - CAPACK-02
 Fully automatic
 Siemens S7-1200 PLC with interactive touch screen SIMATIC panel
 Driven type
 Motion type
 Stainless steel, duralumin and other approved for use plastic materials
 Contact parts
 Stainless steel
 Power supply
 3N 400V; 50/60Hz
 Connected load
 2,1 kVA
 0,4 kVA
 Compressed air
 0,7 Mpa; 350 L/min
 0,7 Mpa; 300 L/min
 Dimensions (LxBxH)
 ~1500x1250x2030 mm
 ~2150x670x1120 mm *
 Relative weight
 ~300 Kg
 ~110 Kg
 Regulatory approvals
 CE mark, compliance with EC directives
   * With output conveyor deployed under bag discharge

DESCRIPTION - NECAFILL-01 module for filling and sealing capsules
hopper-2.jpg   wheel-2.jpg
1. Manually refillable container with capacity for 120 capsule blanks, connected with orientation unit and delivery chute.
  2. Auger filler with programmable dosage and speed.
- High accuracy  +/-  0.1g
- 5 Kg coffee storage tank
- Light alarm for empty filler
- Easy cleaning mode


Sealing with perforated  PP or ALUMINUM  film with adhesive laquers
3. Sealing
   - Sealing the PP or ALU film on top of the capsule
    - Cropping the film around the outer capsule diameter
    - Winding and collecting of the waste on a second roll
    - Programmable time and temperature of sealing
    - Option to work with or without photocell reg. mark
perforated-pp-2.jpg waste-winding-2.jpg
al-pp-capsule-seal-2.jpg discharge-chute-2.jpg
 FLOW CHART – Basic  NECAFILL-01 module
flow-chart-necafill-2.jpg 1. Insertion of oriented empty capsule on the wheel

2.  Sensor for checking for capsule in the socket, before starting the dosing

3.  Filling the coffee dose

4.  Sealing the top of the capsule with perforated polypropylene or aluminium film

5. Check weighing (optional)

6. Discharging the ready capsule to CAPACK-01 module for packaging

 * The positions not indicated on the wheel are unused or reserved for other purposes.

 1. Optional logo embossing on the top seal for capsules with ALU film.

2. Optional* volumetric filler to replace the auger for filling of tea, suited for volumetric filling.

The filler can also be used for dosing of other products like herbs, granules and others free falling products.

*The volumetric (tea dosing) unit is not part of the main set.

3. Optional integrated checkweighing with auto-reject function for ensuring that all capsules are filled up with product within specified limits.

 DESCRIPTION CAPACK-01 module for filling and sealing capsules
- Connected to NECAFILL-01 module

- Fully automatic system

- Capsules packaging in individual bags

- Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

- Air-tight package with flexible gas barrier film. Very long shelf life.

- Can work with center printing according a photocell mark.

- Possible to pack more then one capsule – up to 3 capsules for the CAPACK 02 version

- Expiration date printing (optional)

- PLC control via TOUCH SCREEN

 48 -60 capsules/minute*
* Machine productivity may vary depending on the quality of the polypropylene film