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AV-31AP - Vertical packaging machine for small assembly parts Print
Packaging machines - Vertical packaging machines

 Basic description
AV-31AP is a machine designed for packaging of sets of  small elements (screws, wall plugs, plastic washers, fittings etc.)  which are supplied as part of furniture, plastic or other commodities intended for installation or assembly by the end user.
Depending on their size, transport of parts to the machine can be realized through bucket elevator or plastic chain with isolated cells.
Loading of the parts is done manually by an operator.
Any packaging material suitable thermal sealing can be used with this machine.
Тhermal-transfer printer or labeling device can be added to the machine for marking of graphical and textual information containing  the necessary instructions on how to use the elements. 

Technical specifications                                                                                              AV-31 
 Bag height:
 adjustable (by print registration marks)
 Bag type:
 standard (pillow type)
 Power supply:
 1N 220-240 V; 50-60 Hz
 Connected power:  1,5 kVA
 Compressed air consumption:
 0,6 MPa; 400L /min.
 Relative dimensions (LxWxH):
  3000x900x2000 mm
 Relative weight:
  500 kg. 

 Bag dimensions
  Maximum film width
 380 mm
 580 mm
 680 mm
 AV-31.4 over 680 mm (custom design by specification)
AV-31AP - with different types of elevators
1. Elevator with flat top chain  
2. Bucket elevator