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In the early 2010, "KASI TEMPRA PACK" LTD has successfully implemented a project under OP "Competitiveness" procedure BG161PO003-2.1.04 "Technological modernization in small and medium enterprises" . The project was completed under contract TMM-02-32 dated 17.07.2009, the agreement signed between the "Bulgarian small and medium enterprises promotion agency" and "KASI TEMPRA PACK" LTD., and its main goal was rising to the competitive advantages of the company on Bulgarian and international markets by modernizing production equipment used.
As a result of the project was delivered three modern metal processing machines, which brought significant improvements in production processes of the company and created additional opportunities for diversification and improvement of packaging technology it offers.
The program is funded by the EU through the European Regional Development Fund and co-financed by Republic of Bulgaria.

"This document was created with financial support from the Operational Programme" Development of the Competitiveness of Bulgarian Economy ", financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund. Overall responsibility for the content of the document lies with the "KASI TEMPRA PACK" LTD and under no circumstances can be considered that this document reflects the official opinion of the European Union and the Contracting Authority. "