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DGS - 12/16 - High accuracy multihead weighers Print
Dosage devices - Weighing scales

 Basic description
  DGS Series  
Combination weighers from DGS series are self-dependent devices, which are capable to operate with different kinds of packaging machines. They are designed to make precise, group filling of products with variable weight, shape and size of the single pieces.
Basically, the system
randomly allocates a small quantities of product in each of the weighing hoppers and then calculates the sum of which hoppers is equal to the desired dose in the bag.

 12 head multihead    16 head multihead
When using this type of weighers, filling deviation is less then 1 gr. of the given value.
For some types of products, that meet certain characteristics, the weighers can be also used  as a counting systems e.g. when an exact number of items have to be filled in the bag.

Technical specifications
 DGS-12 DGS-16
 Wheing accuracy:   ±1 gr.   ±1 gr.
 Weighing range 1:
 20 - 1500 gr.
 20 - 1500 gr.
 Weighing range 2:
 1 - 2,5 kg.
 1 - 2,5 kg.
 Weighing speed:  up to 70 w/min.  up to 90 w/min.
Example products, suitable for filling from this type of systems
cookies_copy.jpg vermicelli_copy.jpg
 Drops Paste products
 Mixed nuts
 Cookies, biscuits
Corn flakes
salted_sticks_copy.jpg popcorn_copy.jpg chips_copy.jpg
frozen_fruits_copy.jpg baked_products_copy.jpg
 Salt sticks  Popcorn Chips, crackers