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DGL- 4/8 - Versatile high-speed linear weighers Print
Dosage devices - Weighing scales

 Basic description
  DGL Series  
Linear weighing systems from DGL series are independent devices, that can be mounted on various types of packaging machines. They are designed to weigh and calculate a  dose from free flowing products in solid state. "Free flow" means uniform movement of product  in transport vibrators and its pouring in weighing buckets at constant speed and flow.
   DGL-4x - four head linear weigher

Available with one or three hops

Depending on product type and desired dose range, there are differences in mechanical construction and system software settings. The linear weighing system works flawlessly and with guaranteed accuracy only when used for dosing products in a dose range for which it is constructed for. 
The DGL series are manufactured in several different modifications, depending on the volume and weight of dosed product and desired system performance.
The main differences are in the volume of the weighing buckets, the range of weight sensors,  number of hops in transport vibrators and the proportion between widths of holding brushes.
  DGL-8x - eight bucket linear weigher

Technical specifications
 DGL-4x DGL-8x
 Weighing accuracy:  ±1 gr.
 ±1 gr.
 Weighing range 1:
 20 - 2000 gr.
 20 - 2000 gr.
 Weighing range 2:
 2 -5 kg.
 2 -5 kg.
 Wheing speed:  up to 40 w/min.  up to 60 w/min.
Example products, suitable for filling from this type of systems
 Beans  Lentils  Dried fruits
 Rice  Nuts
pasta_copy.jpg sugar_copy.jpg coffee_beans_copy.jpg
 Snacks Pasta, macaroni
 Sugar  Coffee beans