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AH-200D - Horizontal (3 side seal) sachet packaging machine for liquids, powders or granulates Print
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AH-200D - Horizontal packaging machine for sachets

Basic description  
AH-200D is horizontal packaging machine for 3 side sealed sachets. It forms the sachets by folding the bottom and making of two vertical and one upper closing seals. Two sachets are made simultaneously within single machine cycle. The machine is equipped with a central printing system, which ensures the accurate positioning of film "color space" over the sachet. Marking of product information is done by thermal transfer overprinter. 
Depending on product and the desired filling range, the machine is equipped with the necessary filling system - auger for powders or volumetric pump for liquids and semi-viscous products. All parts are in  contact with product are made from materials authorized for use in the food and chemical industries.
 Technical specifications                                                                          AH-200D
AH-200D  - up to 80 sachets/min.
  Sachet dimensions:
 -length 60 - 150 mm
 -width 80 - 200 mm
 Packaging material:
  Single, double or multilayered heat sealable film
(Paper+PE) (Paper+PE+AL)
 Maximum film width:
400 mm
 Power supply:
3N 380 V; 50-60 Hz
 Connected power:  3,5 kW
 Compressed air:  0,6-0,8 MPa; 200 L/min
 Dimensions (LxWxH):  ~2500x800x1800 mm
 Weight:  ~360 kg.
 Filling systems and products
* For more information click on dosing device type 
 Type Piston
 granulates    tick.gif
 spices and other ground products 
 single serve:  mayonnaise, ketchup etc.
 liquids and viscous products  tick.gif  
 chemical products - insecticides, pesticides etc.  tick.gif  
 cosmetic products - perfume testers, single use shampoo and douche gel sachets