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AG-1000 - Horizontal wrapping machine for confectionery products Print
Packaging machines - Horizontal packaging machines

  Basic description 
AG-1000 is a horizontal "step" wrapping machine for single piece or group packaging of confectionery and bakery, semimanufactured goods in a blister forms and other similar products. The machine is equipped with longitudinal sealing, transverse sealing and cutting mechanisms, feeding mechanism, output conveyor and PLC control system. Transverse feeding conveyor, coder or labeling device are offered as supplementary equipment.
Replaceable pack-shapers are manufactured on demand and allow  switching to a different packaging as long it not exceeds machine specifications.

All the elements, which make contact with product are made from stainless steel and other materials, approved for use in food industry.
  Technical specifications                                                                                         AG-1000
 Product size:   minimum  maximum
 - width 20 mm 140 mm
 - height  5 mm  80 mm
 Film reel dimensions:  
 -maximum width
 600 mm
 -outer diameter
 350 mm
 -core diameter
  90 mm
 Film type: Heat or cold-sealable packaging film
 Power supply:
 1N 230 V; 50 Hz
 Connected power:
 2 kVA
 Compressed air:
 0,6 MPa; 350 L/min.
 Dimensions (LxWxH):
 2500x800-2800x2000 mm
 Weight: 400 kg.
 - Marking device

 - Labeling module

 - Replaceable pack-shapers for different products

(depending on application)

AG-1000 - Вафли
AG-1000 -  			Мини кейк
up to 1000 packs/h
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 Possible applications
waffles-unpacked.jpg waffles-packed.jpg 1. Wrapping of single products forming regular geometric shape into a single pack
2. Wrapping of single piece products into a individulal packs
cakes-unpacked.jpg cackes-packed.jpg 3. Wrapping of plastic containers with products previously placed inside