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AV-33/35 - 3 and 5 lane vertical machines for stick sachets Print
Packaging machines - Vertical packaging machines
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Single-serving sticks - various products and weights AV-33 - auger filler,instant drinks,single-serving stick
AV-33P - Volumetric piston filler, honey, pyramid-shaped sachet
AV-33 - AV-33P - Volumetric piston filler, honey, pillow sachet AV-35 - Volumetric filler, sugar, stick
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 Basic description
AV-33 and AV-35 are multi-lane vertical packaging machines for single serving stick sachets.  Through fully automated cycle, the machines performs filling and three side sealing of sticks with granulated, liquid, semi-viscous or creamy products. Depending on desired stick weight/volume, the machines are designed with 3 (AV-33) or 5 (AV-35) lanes and equipped with appropriate filling devices - auger, volumetric or volumetric piston. Can work on either with preset length of the stick or by using photo-electric sensor.
Coding system for best before date, lot number, "easy open" cut, heating/homogenizing tanks and other options are available on request.
The series includes a special modification of the three lane machine (AV-33P)  intended for packing of honey or other similar products in the pyramid-shaped sachets.
All the lements, which make contact with the product are made from stainless steel and other approved for use in food industry materials.

 Technical specifications
 AV-33  AV-33.1  AV-33.2  AV-33.3 AV-33.4
 Filling range:  10 - 30 cm3  10 - 30 cm3  10 - 40 cm3  10 - 50 cm3
 Possible dimensions of the stick:
 - length 35 - 150 mm  35 - 150 mm  50 - 180 mm  50 - 180 mm
 - width  32 mm  35 mm  42 mm 45 mm
 Packaging film width
225 mm  240 mm  285 mm  315 mm
 Packaging film type
 Single or double-layered heat sealable film
 Power supply:
 1N 230 V; 50/60 Hz
 Connected power:  1 kW
 Air consumtion:
 0,6-0,8 MPa; 200 L/min.
 Relative dimensions (LxWxH):  ~1100x900x1900 mm (without filling device)
 Relative weight: ~300 kg.
 * Options to AV-33
 - "Eesy Open" cut
- Mechanical marking device
Pyramid-shaped sachet AV-33P
 AV-35  AV-35.1  AV-35.2  AV-35.3
  Filling range:
 3 - 10 mm3  5 - 15 mm3 5 - 20 mm3 
 Possible dimensions of the

 - length 35 - 115 mm  35 - 115 mm  35 - 150 mm
 - width  16 mm  22 mm  25 mm
 Packaging film width
200 mm  250 mm  275 mm
 Packaging film type
 Single or double layered heat sealable film
 Power supply:
 1N 220-240 V; 50-60 Hz
 Connected power:   1 kVA
 Air consumption:
 0,6-0,8 MPa; 200 L/min.
 Relative dimensions (LxWxH):   ~1100x900x1900 mm (without filling device)
 Relative weight:    ~300 kg.
 Filling devices and products
* For additional information click on device type 
 Type  Piston   Auger   Volumetric 
 sugar, coffee creamer      tick.gif
 granulates: cappuccino, hot chocolate, instant drinks (2in1,3in1 mixes)
 ground spices 
 ground coffee     tick.gif  
 semi-viscous:  ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, vegetable oil,
 sauces etc.
 honey, glucose and others  tick.gif    
  (depending on product)



  up to 100 sticks/min.
  up to 175 sticks/min.

AV-33/35 - with volumetric filler, packaging granulates
AV-35 - with volumetric filler, packaging sugar sticks
AV-33P - with piston filler, packaging honey in pyramid-shaped sachets