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Тhermaltransfer, ink-jet overprinters and coders

Printing of compulsory information over the package is not less important step than the packaging of the product itself. Low quality, unreadable and incorrectly positioned prints leads to waste of time, efforts, resources and unduly embarrass the production process. Because of these reasons, as an option to our packaging machines we offer tested and proven solutions for marking and coding of world leading company in this field.

Linx - TT-3/5/10thumb-linx-tt3.jpg

Thermaltransfer overprinters of one of the leading companies in the industrial marking and coding. The TT series printers ensure quality marking, reliability and ease of use.  Main features include:
  • TT3 can print - date, shift, hour.  TT-5 and ТТ-10 are capable to code extended information like barcode and logo
  • flexible date/time formats and formats for shift coding
  • Color LCD display - 5.7'' with TouchScreen operator interface and WYSIWYG print  preview
  • real time clock function - auto best before date calculation and concession management
  • 300 dpi printhead, simple ribbon changeover with cassette system, ribbon, save option, different colors, intermittent and continuous working modes
  • CLARISOFT© code design software and USB interface for loading the ready file into printers memory
  • full multilingual sypport - TrueType and Unicode fonts, mirror image printint, image rotation 

  • field orientation - 0°, 90°, 180° и 270°
 Тechnical specifications
Linx TT-3 TT-5  TT-10 
Print area (WxL):
32 x 30 mm
 53 x 75 mm (intermittent mode)
53 x 135 mm (continuous mode)
 107 x 75 mm (intermittent mode) 107 x 200 mm (continuous mode)
Print speed 50 мм - 200 mm/sec (intermittent mode) 40 mm - 500 mm/sec (continuous mode) 50 mm - 800 mm/sec (intermittent mode)
0 mm - 800 mm/sec
(continuous mode)
50 мм - 520 mm/sec (intermittent mode)
 0 мм - 520 mm/sec (continuous mode)
Print resolution:
300 dpi, 12 dots/mm
 300 dpi, 12 dots/mm  300 dpi, 12 dots/mm
Power supply: 90V-264V/50-60 Hz  90V-264V/50-60 Hz  90V-264V/50-60 Hz
Ambient temp.:
5C°- 40C°
 5C°- 40C°  5C°- 40C°
Ribbon width : 22-33 mm
 до 55 mm 55-110 mm
Max. film width:
600 m/max.
 1000 m/max.  600 m/max.
Dimensions (LxWxH):
167 х 160 х 158 mm  205 х 185 х 185 mm  205 х 235 х 175 mm
Air supply:
4-6 Bars   6 Bars
6 Bars
* This information is a representative sample of the data published by manufacturer 


Print area:

- 1 line- 4 х 35 mm;
chars max.
- 2 lines- 8 х 35 mm;
chars max.
- 3 lines 12 х 35 mm;
45 chars max.
Characters are loaded manually
Print speed: in sync with the packaging machine
Ribbon width: 35 mm
Power supply: 1N 220-240V; 50-60 Hz
Ambient temperature: 5-40° C
Dimensions (L x W x H): 280 x 180 x 420 mm
* This information is a representative sample of the data published by manufacturer